Sunday, March 24, 2013

Gonzaga down, Nike forward

Ah, listen to the east coast tweets trashing overrated Gonzaga after Memphis State took them down, the first #1 seed to crash. Well, M made 14 3s, including their last 7 at the end. Even then, G could have won this game narrowly except for a colossal mental error. Trailing by 1, they flubbed an uncontested inbound after an M basket! M promptly hit a 3, it suddenly became a two possession game down the stretch. Now G depended on M errors. When they finally made one, G missed TWO free throws. End of story in reality.

The Nike Ducks now draw a #1 seed themselves. More power to them but it will be very tough.

Harvard got creamed. My interest in the male dance has crashed considerably, I now pay more attention to the women.

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