Wednesday, October 02, 2013

The game is called marketing

Guerrilla Screenwriting: PowerPoint Presentation For Movie Financing

I had an indie producer believe in a splay of mine so much she optioned it annually for five years ... I made good 5 digits on this ... she finally had enough investors lined up ... done deal she told me ... breakfast meeting in Vegas to sign papers ... then she made a newbie mistake and told too much ... she had packaged Jennifer O'Neill (sp?) for the lead, great choice artistically ... but she had several MOWs that bombed ... this was her comeback ... an investor got scared, I ain't paying for no comeback! Then another. Poof! the entire deal crashed! That easily and quickly. Producer never recovered. End of story.

This is relevant because she had regular dog and pony show in pre power point days, poster, original music. She spent a ton out of pocket in marketing this to investors. Watching her, I knew I could never be a producer.

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