Tuesday, October 01, 2013

For the last time ...

In my office for the new term. It occurred to me, everything this year is "for the last time", i.e. my last "first day of a fall term" and so forth. I want to make sure I appreciate it. This term might be more fun than I was thinking a few days ago, when I was wondering if I stayed on one year too long. Nope. I am going to have fun this year and maybe teach some future screenwriters to boot.

It is REALLY nice that L. got her for-hire gig at my recommendation, and with a much better contract that I expected she'd get. Five digits. Nice. Better than most of my for-hire gigs in the 80s. I did half a dozen, only one more lucrative than what she is getting.

School of hard knocks for her: working with a producer who has very strong opinions about the story. Usually such notions look at the small picture, and she has to make it work within the big picture. She can do it. Moreover, she is taking a work study while she is doing it, so I can give her feedback. But the producer is boss, that's the real trick, especially when he wants somethiing that will do more harm than good. Happens often.

Only have to go downstairs for my class this term. No long hikes like two terms ago.

I look forward to this year of transition. Amen.


Ryan H. said...

That's good to hear. I must admit that I'm a little jealous - your class was a great experience that I wouldn't have minded repeating.

Charles Deemer said...

Thanks for the kind words.