Thursday, October 03, 2013

Hanging out

Yesterday after taking H to PT, instead of reading in the waiting room I drove to a nearby Starbucks, got my ritual iced coffee and ... hung out. I love hanging out. I especially liked hanging out when my two best friends were alive, hanging with either (never together: my two best friends hated one another!). This was more fun because of all the laughter. We were on the same wave length with a dark comic view of the world and things cracked us up that others would ignore. Man., we laughed a lot! Between discussing literature, etc, solving the world's problems, etc, going from bar to bar in our drinking days, coffee shop to coffee shop when we were older and a tad saner, but these were great shared times and we could communicate almost through thought waves. I really miss that. D has been dead 15 years now, G a decade. I could do the same thing with L in Los Angeles if we lived in the same town. That's about it. Sometimes I think Sketch is almost on my wave length ha ha. Or maybe it's the other way around.

So I do my hanging out solo these days. But not often.

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