Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Doc says all is great. Off to hospital.


PBY Street Gang said...

Hey Charles,

Dig on the wife and hope she's pain free. You won't find me doing surgery... well, for one, I can't afford it!

Meantime, I gotta comment on a national headline. Putin is the one who really deserves that Nobel Peace Prize. He threw Obama a lifeline and saved this country from certain disaster. And what about John Kerry, he reminds me of Ed Muskie... as in 1972. Team Obama acts like rank amateurs.

Peace, to You!

Mediated Reality said...

Yeah, Hunter Thompson, Muskie, and Ibogaine. Thompson accused Muskie of being addicted to the hallucinogen Ibogaine. The stuff is actually real. I didn't know that. But Muskie used to go off on these tirades... kinda like Kerry lecturing Assad.

Putin is shrewd and Obama, well... he doesn't have a clue. Maybe everyone in the administration is on Ibogaine.


Tricky Dick said...