Friday, September 27, 2013


Thy name is Deemer. Still not in teaching mode. A few days to get there.

I thought old age would be more mellow, more rewarding, slower, warmer, funnier and more coherent.


Mike Gold said...

Nothing, certainly not age, lives up to the advertisments. You know, out of all the literature I've read this past year only one novel dealt with cancer and things like colonoscopies. What does that tell you?

Speaking of reality, do you think a script about a retired white guy who teams up with a former Latin beauty queen and robs banks has a chance? It's a comedy. My venerable agent (can I say that?) is shopping it around independent studios. Imagine, no Superheroes.

Charles Deemer said...

Anything has a chance in a crapshoot. It's getting the right story to the right producer at the right time. You can't figure it out.

Charles Deemer said...

p.s. Just keep writing. At least you have an agent ... that's a huge step.

Mike Gold said...

Yes, the agent, Suzanne Gluck: she knows a lot of people in New York and Los Angeles. I came in on the coattails of my co-writer on a previous project, which we optioned. I'll say this much, Suzanne gets excited about ideas and she's aggressive, which I attribute to her being a natural redhead.

Honestly, I write for her, to impress her... that and the fact that the stories just keep coming. But, you know, it's this thing about reality. I believe it's time to bring back socially inspired filmmaking. Now to find a studio that shares that belief.

Charles Deemer said...

An admirable, maybe heroic, goal. You may have to make them yourself.