Wednesday, September 11, 2013

If you find yourself sick ...

The new KP Westside is a great place to be. Modern, artsy, high tech. Only 120 odd beds at the moment. H's private room includes a bedside computer ... she can order meals, check her email, stream movies on demand. When I was in the earlier incarnation of a KP hospital, it was so comfy I wanted to stay a few weeks. So H is in good digs. I think she comes home tomorrow.

Despite her success, I'm not doing this. Luddite mentality. But knees aren't great either. One alternative is to lose a lot of weight to ease their burden. Not easy but doable. I can do many things if I put my mind to it.

Next year I may bundle my two poetry books for Kindle. 2xCD. Or maybe not.

Need to start grunt work on Overdrive 8 today. Visit H. It's a 45 min. drive (since I avoid freeways) and coming home last night was a nightmare. I hate driving at night.

Why am I up? Good question. Just made Mulligan station on Pandora.

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David Sessions said...

Best wishes to H. for a good recovery. Weight loss? Read
Change Anything.