Friday, April 12, 2013

Baseball and drama

For me no sporting event gets more exciting than baseball on the radio. I think this is because of the small units of game progression, pitch by pitch, moment by moment, each unit clear conflict, batter against pitcher, each and every moment a potential game changer. A perfect example is the Giants-Cubs game that just ended.

Top of the 9th, Giants up and behind 2-1. They get runners on first and third, two outs. Then two strikes. Another and it's over. But a long single clears the bases, Giants take a 3-2 lead. What a comeback!

Bottom of the 9th. First pitch, a home run, tie game! And Cubs go on to score another and win. What a comeback!

To me all this is much more exciting on radio than on TV. That's why I love my app, all games are available to me from either team's announcer.

Time to get back to scrapple.

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