Sunday, April 21, 2013

About my "regressions"

Amazon has a daily free app for the Fire. About once a week the free app interests me and I try it out. So with the drawing app.

Alas, I have no drawing skill whatever. Still, the app was fun, more doodling than drawing in my case.

As I did this interesting questions came to mind. Is there a way to use this for someone like me? With no talent, the less drawn, the better. Kiddy art came to mind. Minimalist art came to mind. What are the fewest lines or strokes required to communicate "tree"? After fiddling, I decided only two, one green, one brown. This is the origin of #1.

With a low bar for craft, I fiddled with a high bar for content or concept. #2 resulted after much fiddling.

And this is where I am now, high concepts rendered in low childlike drawings. A process as mysterious to me as finding poems in my head.

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