Friday, April 12, 2013

A great irony

Never before in history has it been easier for an American to express an opinion. On radio shows, via comments to news and opinions online, even through our own blogs, websites and self-published books, via videos at YouTube and our own online radio stations, we have endless opportunities to express ourselves. Freedom of speech is alive and well.

At the same time, never have our opinions been so irrelevant. At every moment of life, we are given choices between options defined by corporations. The people we vote for, the foods we eat, the places we live, the entertainment we see, everything is dependent on earlier decisions than ours. One can still wiggle free from some of this consumer enslavement but it takes great effort.

It's as if all this was planned. Let's let them bitch as much as they want. It defuses their energy. In the meantime we'll give them what we decide they need.

Democracy is not  alive  and well at all.

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