Wednesday, April 17, 2013

4 Jesse Stone movies

Tom Selleck plays the Robt Parker creation, an alcoholic police chief fighting his demons. An inconsistent series, to say the least.

What I like:

  • visual storytelling. Especially Sea Change, the only one that focuses on his demons rather than the mystery plot, and the opening five minutes and closing several are gems of visual storytelling.
  • music by Jeff Beal, consistently and appropriately moody through all the films. The most consistent high mark in the series.
  • production design and cinematography. Gorgeous settings.
  • acting, mostly good.
  • dog as Greek chorus. Reminds me of Sketch.
What I dislike:
  • all the scripts except Sea Change, in particular the story lines and plotting. Too over the top.
  • most of all I dislike the inclusion of nymphomaniac women after the chief. Again, far over the top, like the school head who shows up wanting to fuck the chief in a jail cell, after one meeting. Yeah, right.
  • repetition. Suppose to be clever, I think, repeated lines, Selleck's obligatory expressions. Do better.
I like the one mentioned above, couldn't finish another, but got through the other two with adequate entertainment. Overall, a disappointing series. There are more in the series but this is enough.

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harry said...

Sorry, but I like Selleck’s portrayal of Jesse Stone: he’s perfect for it. Own all the Stone movies except Benefit of the Doubt. I am looking forward to the next one whenever he finds someone other than CBS to broadcast it. The return of Luther “Suitcase” Simpson and his attempt to lure Rose back to Paradise is a clue that the series will continue. William Devane is one of my favorites characters in the series: “I need a drink.” Well, Bill, so do I. Here’s to Selleck and Jesse.