Thursday, March 14, 2013


Another way of looking at my blog change is this: this blog was like a documentary of a writing career in progress. The new blog begins with the premise that my writing career is over, with room for a few postscripts. It's like calling in a poker game. No more cards, no more bets. Let's see what comes down.

Not only am I comfortable with this, I'm delighted with my hand.


Pip said...

Charles, I'm happy for you. Although, I feel like I'm losing a comrade. Call me crazy, but I believe it's a writer's duty to say something about this soul-sucking culture. So when someone comes along who has got something to say and the ability to say it... well, it's always inspiring.

You know, I'm lucky because I've got two option sales and the animated cartoon series I'm hoping to find a home for. Then, again, I feel haunted because I've struggled long and hard to publish my brother's story--and what it means to lose the best of best friends to a nightmare like Vietnam.

So, a duty... to hold a mirror up to this culture.

I know you haven't lost sight of what it means to fight in the trenches and to get the word out. I think it's one of the most admirable things a human being can do.

I hope your wife is doing better and best of luck to both of you.

Charles Deemer said...

I very much appreciate your good wishes and agree with you. And who knows what I'll write in the future. It will be frosting on the career cake, whatever it is. I have a HUGE archive ... I think it's time to rest on it. Frosting will be fun, I think.

I consider myself one of the lucky ones. And I ain't dead yet ha ha.

Keep up the good fight. You know what it's about.