Wednesday, December 26, 2012

New strategy

Good writing session this morning, tweaking things to fit the new structure of the piece. Looking good. What I'm doing now is formally dividing the work into three parts: one, delivering the ashes; two, CJ's secret journal; three, spreading the ashes. I think I may call the sections Ashes, Mental Masturbation, Wind.

At any rate, the narrator remains Brinkley in parts one and three, and his attitude toward the journal and its contents after he finds it after CJ's death will change him as it evolves. I still need more exterior action than I have but at this stage I'm not worried, that's like adding whipped cream on a pie, I can do it later. The interior action drives the story. Exterior action is sugar, part of the trick.

But, man, I already can see how difficult it's going to be juggling all these narrative balls in the air and getting the focus and flow right. Well, that's the name of the game. Otherwise I might as well write grocery lists.

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