Saturday, December 22, 2012

Korean meatloaf recipe

I don't measure anything, so the amounts are guesses.

I begin with a lb of ground turkey and half a pound of ground pork. Mix them.

I make what has become my standard Korean marinade: equal parts soy sauce and cola (about a quarter cup each) ... equal parts garlic paste, soybean paste, chili paste (about a tablespoon) ... equal parts rice vinegar, fish sauce, sesame oil (about a couple teaspoons) ... chili powder, ginger, pepper (about a teaspoon) ... mix it all together. Mix in toasted sesame seeds (couple table spoons) and diced scallions (half a dozen or more). Mix in an egg. Mix in bread crumbs for drier texture. Moist but not too sticky.

Put in loaf pan. Put in 400 degree over for about half an hour.

Man, it is delicious!

I'll continue experimenting. I think it would be good lined with seaweed.

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