Friday, December 21, 2012

CIA children

Recently read and saw works by children of lifetime CIA officers. Each is fascinating, challenging, offering considerable food for thought.

The Man Nobody Knew is a documentary about former CIA head William Colby, written and directed by his son. It's a fascinating story about a secretive, moralistic Catholic who saw the CIA as a force for good. Fascinating family dynamics presented here.

Mary's Mosaic, written by the son of a CIA officer whose family were friends of the subject, is about a woman who came to believe the CIA is a force for evil. Mary Meyer, wife and ex wife of a bigshot CIA officer, later lover and possible soul mate of JFK, who came to believe the CIA conspired to kill the president, and was soon murdered herself, is a fascinating woman with a more fascinating life. The author's journey here leads to the incredible conclusion that his own CIA father was involved in murdering her to shut her up. The argument is fully documented and not easily dismissed, though  many have already done so.

Each of these is as much mystery as memoir, each a gripping narrative.

I  don't believe any rational person can believe Oswald acted alone, given all the contrary evidence now available. But after this, there are many competing theories with varying degrees of reasons for belief. This book adds more spice to the pot.

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