Thursday, September 05, 2013

Music in the head

I woke up with something that hasn't happened in years: I had music in my head. Not pop music but art song music, operatic aria music, as if I were composing a music drama, which of course is a major fantasy of mine. Maybe it's time to go for it! I've had several false starts over the years, by no means an easy project for me, who in fact lacks the skill set to do this easily. But I could write a piano/vocal score. I would use Finale and I used to be good at the software, I've have to brush up, but the hard part is the composition itself, of course. In the past my music ended up pretty boring. So many this is beyond my reach. But it might be fun to try and definitely would be a break from words, words, words. Something to brood about as I prepare my classes and pick up the momentum on Overdrive stories again.

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