Saturday, September 14, 2013

Football Saturday

UCLA pregame on the Fire ... I'm ready! On paper, this looks good for the Bruins but they are far from home with heavy hearts for a lost teammate. They need to keep in focus.

I don'expect NWOC to have a hard time with Tennessee. Alabama-TAM will be something ... hard to choose, I dislike both. I'll go against the arrogant Heisman.

23 minutes to kickoff at Westwood One!

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Ryan Hornor said...

I'm with you on all three games. The Alabama/Texas A&M game is definitely going to be more fun to root against a team than with one.

Another big one today in our home is Akron/Michigan. My wife went to Akron, and with all of the success that UofO has had, rooting for Akron keeps me humble.