Saturday, September 07, 2013

Football Saturday

Listening to Rutgers pre game on the app. Like being able to do this, to shop around as it were.

Want to check out Weber State later. When I was a grad student, WS raided our Eng Dept and gave a top prof an offer he couldn't refuse. Weber State over Oregon! I couldn't believe it.

Chatted with this prof, who came to the Oregon reunion that gave me the Sally video. He sold me my 12 string back then. Lured away by Weber State. He was a folklorist, still a suspect discipline at Oregon, and WS gave him resources and $$$$$$. He was ahead of the curve and conservative Oregon Eng Dept blew it.

Nice of him to come to the reunion anyway. Had had stroke, speech still iffy, tragic for a folksinger. Mentor to Sally.

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