Sunday, April 07, 2013


Ah, it takes so little to please me. This morning, for example:
--kitchen chores. Prep for dinner, my amazing creation I call Korean Paella. Also marinading buffalo steaks for later in the week.
--baseball! Yankees game on Fire radio as I wait for Mariners game to begin soon. Yankees has a female color announcer, rare, great NY accent, love it.
--women's Final 4 this afternoon. Should root for Cal but I hate their style of play.
--new episode of Wish Me Luck to watch any time. What a great drama! Too bad we seldom get something this good in the U.S.
--in good shape for school week, no stress. Stress is my great enemy.
--pleased with present writing mode, poems coming often at other blog, constructive brooding on Brinkley and CJ.
--happy camper! Like dancing on the Titanic.

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