Saturday, April 06, 2013

Mother of all horrors

Accused of child abuse: A family's story | Life and style | The Guardian:

 "It's a Tuesday like any other. Then, in the afternoon, there's a knock at the door. The dog starts barking and wakes our 12-week-old baby, Sam. My partner, Keiron, looks out of the upstairs window to see two women at the front door. We assume they are Jehovah's Witnesses and Keiron leans out, saying he can't come down. Then everything changes.

The women are police. They work in child protection services. Keiron, Sam and I go downstairs to find out what's going on. They tell us to sit down and ask Keiron if he knows why they are here. He says no. Then they tell us an allegation about a sex offence made by a child at the nursery where he works.

My stomach turns to concrete. I have no shadow of doubt that this is a horrible mistake. I hold Sam in disbelief, calculating all the ways this is going to mess up our lives."

This is the kind of story that ties my stomach into knots. That makes me want to throw things.


And this horror happens more often than you think. Institutions would rather arrest an innocent man than let a guilty man slip through the cracks. Presumed innocence is one of our greatest myths.

By the gods, this story makes me angry!

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