Saturday, October 06, 2012

Strawberry Canyon

Bruins go to the canyon to play Cal where they havent won in 14 years.

Berkeley's Strawberry Canyon. Football stadium and Cyclotron. And my home in July 1959.

I'd been living in a dilapidated loft above an old barn for $15 a month split three ways. True! But my roommates had left to fish in Alaska for the summer. I had no income save what I cd get playing folk music on the street or stealing and reselling science books. Shameful.

Strawberry Canyon with Cyclotron in bg
Then the loft got condemned as a fire hazard. I was homeless. So I built a lean-to in S Canyon and camped out. I hitched into Oakland to talk to military recruiters and get a free meal ticket. A daily routine during the week.

Finally gave in and joined Army in Aug. Recruiter put me in Army Security Agency and I became a Cold War spy and Russian linguist.

Hence my fondness for Strawberry Canyon.

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