Monday, October 15, 2012

On having one car instead of two

Interesting how little it matters -- until I give it some thought. What is lost is convenience. And convenience has little to do with anything, especially at this time of my life, the last act, when my focus  is on living each day as if it's my last, which soon enough will be accurate; which is to say, get the trivial out of my life, and convenience is mostly trivial. What matters is what's going on in my head, which is not at all affected by how many cars are in the household. And it's a little jarring to realize all the other things in my life that are similar "conveniences." Not that I'm against conveniences. I'm as lazy as the next guy in some regards. But the world didn't end when we became a one car family.

And great things are going in my head today, now that CJ is resurrected and back in action. The Reluctant Suicide will have a similar structure to Sodom, Gomorrah & Jones, built with vignettes. The story takes place in 2015 when the consequences of global warming are beginning to get pretty bad along the coastlines, far ahead of schedule. Some of the vignettes will be blog entries from CJ's several years on the road -- an obituary for America. Others will look at the history of all variations of suicide as CJ weighs his options after learning the medical culture offers no help for a man ready to leave because -- he simply is ready to leave. Hence the reluctant suicide refers to methodology. Which illegal option to choose since there are no legal options? This is CJ's dilemma.

An important new character is a recent love interest of Helen's, who has moved in with her. I think I'll make him a composer working on an opera. He may be an Ayn Rand disciple. He may think CJ is so heroic in his quest that CJ may change his mind. Much in flux, as should be so early in the game. But I like the set up so far ... global warming obviously is beyond stopping now, the country is increasingly in evacuation and panic mode, food shortages, obviously much shit soon to hit the fan -- and CJ simply decides, Enough! why ruin what has been his good life by putting up with this shit? Leave while you still have good memories.

Haven't figured Matt's role but he'll be there. I don't think Kayla will be there. She may be dead, a tragic suicide, to contrast with CJ's context. A loss because young, as opposed to a choice because old.

So this is something of a novel of ideas, the least popular genre in the culture by far ha ha! Fuck the culture.

The new energy is good. Onward.

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