Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Two brilliant American short stories

Gilbert Sorrentino
Here is the ending of my favorite American short story, "The Moon In Its Flight" by Gilbert Sorrentino, a story about young love. The protagonist, now a married man years after the central action, has returned from a hotel rendezvous with his high school sweetheart, a love never consummated in youth.
“You are perfectly justified in scoffing at the outrageous transparency of it if I tell you that his wife said that he was so pale that he looked as if he had seen a ghost, but that is, indeed, what she said. Art cannot rescue anybody from anything.” 
― Gilbert SorrentinoThe Moon in Its Flight
Robert Coover
Man, this story, along with Robert Coover's recent New Yorker story "Going For A Beer" (read it online!!), are such major literary accomplishments that I stand in complete awe of the achievements. Both take "risks" with conventional form and get the pay off of making them work. Amazing stories!

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