Thursday, June 11, 2009

R.I.P.: Gerry McNamee

Another dear friend from grad school days passes. He'd been teaching at Eastern Oregon in La Grande for years. I'll miss him. He was one of the best read men I've ever met. Lately had done a lot of teaching in some Pacific islands. Saw him every few years and corresponded every few months. I knew he had cancer, thus, and I knew he was refusing the usual treatment. He said, at last email, his alternative treatment was going well. I suspect he didn't suffer as he would have with chemo but I don't know this. R.I.P., old friend.

P.S. If you'd told me a year ago that I'd outlive Gerry, I'd've laughed in your face. Ger was fit, had healthy eating habits, did all the things right that I do wrong. I also had some years on him. Go figure.


Anonymous said...

Gerry was my professor, good friend, and one of my greatest living roll models. Since hearing about his death I've wracked my brain and can't come up with a flaw within the man. He lived so fully that his one life couldn't contain it, and the result was that he spilled over into many of his students and friends. I can't help feeling that he was taken too soon (especially on the cusp of retirement) but I can't immagine a life more fully lived. This one's to Mr. McNamee.
-Lawson LeGore

Anonymous said...

It was great to see you, and everyone at his memorial. What a wonderful, healing day that was, and a fitting send-off for my dad. I've started a page to collect photos and memories, and I'll also link to this posting, and others as I find them. Thanks! Here's a link to the Gerry McNamee memorial.

-- dylan mcnamee

Andrea Lepe said...

I loved to this man with my soul, He was my example and my force for believe that I could learning to speak in english. nobody believed me just him. I feel that Gerry is no death, he lives in our hearts forever.
Andrea Lepe.

Anonymous said...

Mr. McNamee was my professor in Chile.I was studying English pedagogy when he arrived to my country. First, he was my literature teacher and then, he taught me written English. I remembered him with all my love, he always was available for his students. As an anecdote, I remember he usually arrived to classes with a plastic bag, with dried figs in it which shared with his loved students.