Friday, January 07, 2011

An interesting morning!

Amazing how much I've done already. I read and gave feedback to a short script, something overdue. Then I found myself writing on the idea below, 9 quick pages, plus a rough outline, and it's going well enough that I'm not ready to kill it, although I'm not obsessive about it either. Then I made a new batch of scrapple.

Sounds like a day's work to me.

Now to pay some bills and run to the post office and other errands. Friday!

Oh, yes, 5 of my 10 ebooks at Smashwords have been "approved" thus far for their Premium Catalog, which means distribution to the Apple iStore and others. They have very specific format requirements, which I didn't meet the first time around. They are less demanding for inclusion at their own site but to be distributed to all the outlets with which they have a relationship, the rules are specific and clear. I have 5 still pending.

Back to the play. I'm using 5 women, 3 in act one, 2 in act two. Best thus far, and an important best it is, an essential, is the voice of the guy. I really like it. He's a sculptor, which I like too, and he'll be working on a female nude through the piece, in found metal. Maybe this time is the key. And maybe not. Time will tell.

I still call this "retirement", though, because I'm not my hyper obsessive past self about this play. I'm just letting it slowly happen -- or not.

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