Thursday, January 27, 2011

Once a writer ...

Even though I tell myself I'm "retired" as a writer, I find myself engaged in a new writing project, a new novella (I think), another story about an old man in the world, etc etc etc, and it's structure rises from vignettes, making it easy to write in a mellow sort of way, and even though I'm only a few pages into it, eight I believe, the two major characters interest me enough to continue writing, so we'll see where this leads us.

I suppose "retired": really means retired from the marketplace, not retired from the work.

My working title for the new novella is What Have You Done Lately?, and the story follows two retired professors, quite along in years, who decide to resurrect a radical folk song group they had in the 1960s, which leads them into some disastrous and darkly comic situations.

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